Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sexy Zayn imagine

#imagine It’s Zayn’s birthday and he asked you to spend it with him. You’re watching a movie at his apartment alone. He puts the movie in and sits on the couch beside you. You turn to him and he smiles. He leans over and kisses you and doesn’t stop until the movie is over. When the movie ends he turns the TV off. “I know what will make my birthday awesome,” he says winking at you. You smile and kiss him. You go to pull away but he grabs your face and keeps kissing you. You surrender and wrap your arms around him. He grabs for the light switch and turns it off. He starts kissing you roughly and picks you up carrying you to his bed. You grab his shirt, “May I?” He smiles, “please do.” You take his shirt off and throw it on the floor. “My turn,” he whispers in your ear, and then grabs your shirt and pulls it off and starts to kiss your neck. You run your fingers along the edge of his pants and he sighs. He starts rubbing your stomach and kissing your chest. You groan as his hand finds its way lower, under your pants. You start to bite his top lip teasingly as you kiss him. He runs his tongue across your lips and opens your mouth slightly. Your tongue finds his and he starts breathing heavier as he kisses you gently. He rolls you over so you’re on top of him. He starts to rub your back and unhooks your bra then throws it on the ground. He grabs you pulling you closer and teasingly bites your ear. ‘I want you Mahra,” he groans with a sexy overtone. He starts to kiss your cheek bone. He turns you around and lays on top of you now. He kisses your neck, then your chest, your stomach, and the top of your legs. “Zayn,” you sigh breathless. He kisses you lips and your tongues meet again, this time he starts French kissing you roughly. You groan as he pulls your pants off and throws them on the floor. He runs his hands over your naked skin as you make out roughly. He winces when you grab his boxers and pull them off. Suddenly he looks up, “now this is exactly what I was talking about.” He starts to kiss you again and sighs, “Best.Birthday.Ever.”

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