Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dirty Zayn Imagine

#imagine You're staying with Zayn tonight because he just got back from a trip to America with the boys. You pull up and walk towards his apartment, but Niall stops you, "Hey Alice!" You walk over and hug him, "hey Nialler." He motions toward his apartment, "Zayn's in here." You nod and follow him. When you get inside Zaun jumps up and kisses you, "I've missed you so much." Lou look up into his beautiful brown eyes, "I missed you too babe. Niall walks in and hand you both a drink. You take it and smile, "So tell me about LA." Niall sits down in a chair, beside the couch you and Zayn are on, "It was fun. Filming the show was awesome, and we also met the guys of Big Time Rush." You look over at Zayn and he smiles,    "it's getting pretty late Niall, we're gonna go." Niall jumps up, "okay. Goodnight guys, see you tomorrow."
 When you get in Zayn's apartment you decide to get ready for bed while he takes a shower. You walk into his closet and start to look for the pants and shirt of his that you wear when you stay. You search everywhere, but can't find them. You run across an old jersey of his from highschool that says 'Malik' on the back, and put it on. It's like a gown on you so you don't bother finding pants. You walk out of his closet and sit down on his bed. He walks in with some sweats on, no shirt, and his hair still wet and sits down beside you. When he sees what you have on he smiles, "Hey I remember that thing." You smile and look down. He kisses you on the cheek, "I'm hungry." You jump up, "Me too. Wait here, I'll go fix us something." You walk into the kitchen and grab a pizza from the freezer.  When the oven heats up you slide it in carefully, cautious not to burn yourself. While you're bent over, you feel Zayn put his arms around your waist and stand up. He starts kissing your neck and you turn around. He smiles, "I really missed you babe." You smile, "I missed you too Zayn." He starts kissing you, "I," he kisses you, "can't," another kiss, "stand," kiss, "being," kiss, "away," again, "from," he licks your lips teasingly, "you." You shiver lightly and he grabs your face and kisses you again. Your tongues play and his hands move to your waist, pulling the jersey up a little. The kisses get deeper and deeper and he picks you up. He sits you on the kitchen table and leans in closer. You can feel him growing against you and you look up. You raise and eyebrow at him. He stares at you, "sorry." You move your hand down his pants and start to play, "why are you apologizing?" You move your hand up and down and he moans with pleasure. "Faster!" he demands and you listen. You feel his muscles start to tense up andstop He slides you closer to the edge of the table and pulls off your thong throwing it in the floor. He lifts up the jersey a bit and spreads your legs. He drops his pants and positions himself between your legs. Looking into your eyes, he slides himself into you. You squeal, forgetting how good he felt inside of you. He pulls you even closer to the edge and starts thrusting. He starts off slow, then picks up the pace. He moand and starts whispering profanities into your ear. You feel yourself getting colser as he gets faster, and lean back. He runs his hands up your stomach and lifts up your bra. He starts to play with your breasts, and with one last hard thrust you both scream with pleasure. He pulls out and leans over, laying his head on your chest. You both catch your breath and he sits up, "Do you smell something burning?" You look up, "SHIT! The pizza!" You run over and pull it out of the oven. It's very burnt, so you decide to get take out. While you wait for the food to get there you sit at the table. Zayn looks over at the place where you sust had sex and his mouth drops. You look at him confused, "What?" He points, "Alice do you see that?" You look over and find a crack in the table that wasn't there before. He winks at you, "guess we'll have to go shopping for a stronger table tomorrow."

Dirty Harry Imagine

#imagine You and Harry are laying on his couch watching TV. You look up and notice him staring at you, "What?" He smiles and motions to the TV, "We should try that." You look back and see two people kissing on the movie you're watching. You raise an eyebrow and move closer to him, He puts his hands on your hips as you start to make out. Each kiss gets deeper and deeper as you run your hands through his hair. He leans back a little and you follow while your lips stay in contact the whole time. His tongue plays rough with your as he moves his hands up your shirt to undo your bra. He rips off your shirt and pulls you bra off throwing them to the side. "My turn," you whisper in his ear. He shiver when your hands tickle his skin grabbng for his shirt. You throw it over with yours. Your naked chests touch as he starts to rub your back and kiss your neck. You can feel him growing against your thigh and you smile. You move your hand under his pants and start to play causing him to moan with pleasure. He wrops your legs around his waist and slowly stands up. You can feel his buldge against you as he walks toward his room. He throws you on his bed and straddles you, "You ready babe?" You nod and he starts kissing your chest and down your stomach. When he gets to the top of your pants he grabs the waist and slowly pull them off along with your underwear. You moan as his tongue goes deep inside you, which you can tell sets him off because he grabs your waist and gets deeper. He leans up and kisses your jaw while playing with your chest. "Fuck me please," you sigh in his ear. He looks up with a dirty grin on his face and spreads your legs. He slowly slides inside you and starts thrusting. Each thrust gets harder and faster. You can feel yourself getting close and with one last thrust you scream. He pulls out and drops next to you. You both lay there and catch your breath. He grabs your hand and looks over into your eyes, "I love you Sabrina." You smile, "I love you too Harry." He kisses you and you roll over and lay your head on his chest. The sound of his heart beating eventually makes you fall asleep.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sexy Zayn imagine

#imagine It’s Zayn’s birthday and he asked you to spend it with him. You’re watching a movie at his apartment alone. He puts the movie in and sits on the couch beside you. You turn to him and he smiles. He leans over and kisses you and doesn’t stop until the movie is over. When the movie ends he turns the TV off. “I know what will make my birthday awesome,” he says winking at you. You smile and kiss him. You go to pull away but he grabs your face and keeps kissing you. You surrender and wrap your arms around him. He grabs for the light switch and turns it off. He starts kissing you roughly and picks you up carrying you to his bed. You grab his shirt, “May I?” He smiles, “please do.” You take his shirt off and throw it on the floor. “My turn,” he whispers in your ear, and then grabs your shirt and pulls it off and starts to kiss your neck. You run your fingers along the edge of his pants and he sighs. He starts rubbing your stomach and kissing your chest. You groan as his hand finds its way lower, under your pants. You start to bite his top lip teasingly as you kiss him. He runs his tongue across your lips and opens your mouth slightly. Your tongue finds his and he starts breathing heavier as he kisses you gently. He rolls you over so you’re on top of him. He starts to rub your back and unhooks your bra then throws it on the ground. He grabs you pulling you closer and teasingly bites your ear. ‘I want you Mahra,” he groans with a sexy overtone. He starts to kiss your cheek bone. He turns you around and lays on top of you now. He kisses your neck, then your chest, your stomach, and the top of your legs. “Zayn,” you sigh breathless. He kisses you lips and your tongues meet again, this time he starts French kissing you roughly. You groan as he pulls your pants off and throws them on the floor. He runs his hands over your naked skin as you make out roughly. He winces when you grab his boxers and pull them off. Suddenly he looks up, “now this is exactly what I was talking about.” He starts to kiss you again and sighs, “Best.Birthday.Ever.”


#imagine You’re sitting on a plane on the way to Mullingar. Niall looks over at you and can tell something’s wrong, “What’s buggin’ ya love?” You smile shyly, “I just hope she likes me.” He smiles and grabs your hand, “you’re a great girl Chloe, there’s nothing to worry about.” The two of you have been dating for six months now, and you were on your way to meet his mom for the first time. When you pull up to her house you get butterflies in your stomach. He can tell you’re still nervous, so he leans over and kisses your fore head, “don’t worry, she’ll love you.” When you walk inside she greets you, “you must be Chloe.” You smile, “yes ma’am, nice to meet you.” She laughs, “Oh what nice manners, but you can just call me Maura.” You look over at Niall and he smiles, “I told you,” he whispers. He grabs your hand, “Come on I want to show you something.” You follow him as he leads you to his old room. You sit on his bed and he grabs a guitar and sits next to you. He starts playing a little and you close your eyes and listen. He stops and lies down beside you, with his arms around you and you both fall asleep. Maura come in about an hour later gently shaking both of you, “time for dinner guys.” She walks out and Niall kisses you, “Are you ready beautiful?” You smile, “yes.” After you finish eating she looks over, “So Niall, how did you meet this lovely young lady?” You blush and he looks over at you and smiles, “She was working at Nandos and I went in there. As soon as I saw her I had to know her name,” he squeezes your hand, “two weeks later we started dating.” She laughs, “Well at least something good came from your obsession with that place.”


#imagine you’re laying on your bed crying, Niall comes in your room, “Hey beautiful!” he yells. You look at him and give a sad smile, “hey babe.” His face gets serious, “Chloe what’s wrong? Who did this to you?” You sit up, “nothing, it’s just been a really bad day.” He grabs you, and pulls you closer holding you tight. You can hear his heart beat, “Niall?” He kisses you, “yes?” “Could you stay with me tonight?” you ask, “it would make me feel better.” He nods, “Yes, anything for my girl.” He always calls you his girl, you didn’t mind you loved the sound of it. That night the two of you lay in your bed. You’re cuddled up to him, and lay your head on his chest. He puts a finger under your chin and lifts your head up, “Chloe I can’t stand to see you like this. If I ever made you feel like this I would die.” You kiss him, “Niall you could never make me feel like this, I love you.” He smiles, “I love you, now can I please see that beautiful smile I fell in love with?” “I’ll try,” you say shyly. “Oh you’ll try?” he says giving a mischievous grin. He turn around nearly laying on top of you, “I bet I can make you smile.” ”Oh yeah how’s that?” you ask. He pulls his face closer, but not close enough for you to kiss him. “I love you Chloe,” he sighs. He starts kissing your jaw line and around your lips, but not ever on your lips. “Just kiss me,” you whisper. You grab his neck and pull his face closer to yours. The feeling of his lips toughing yours makes you melt. He slowly opens his eyes, “I want to be the one to always put a smile on your face.”


#imagine Liam is coming home from tour today, and you’re waiting for him at the airport. When he sees you he runs and picks you up. “Oh my God I have missed you so much,” he says and kisses you. “Thank God!” you hear Zayn’s voice, “all he talked about was how much he couldn’t wait to see you again.” You smile, “thanks for taking care of him Zayn.” You look at Liam, “So you’re back, what do you want to do?” He grabs your hand and starts walking to the car, “let’s hang out at my place tonight.”
When you get to Liam’s he decides to take a shower. You sit on his bed and wait for him to get out. He comes in, and sits down with you. His hair is still wet, and he shakes his head getting water all over you. “Oh thanks babe, I really needed that,” you joke. He laughs and kisses you, “sit here I have a surprise for you.” You sit and wait as he goes into the other room and comes back with his hands behind his back. “I got you something,” he says smiling. “What’s that,” you say and he pulls his hands from behind his back. You grab the gift and unwrap it. You find a necklace with an “L” charm on it. “I love it” you yell and kiss him. “I wanted to get you something, and when I saw that I knew it would be perfect,” he says pulling you on his lap. He looks into your eyes, I can’t stand being away from you that long again, so I talked to our management and they said you can come with us on our next tour.” “Oh my God Liam! Thank you,” you say and a tear runs down your cheek. He wipes it away and kisses you, “I love you so much Amy.”


#imagine Zayn just texted you asking you to stay with him tonight, so you get ready and drive to his house. When you get there, he’s waiting for you at the door, “hello beautiful.” You smile and kiss him, “Hey Zayn.” You walk up to his room, and notice it’s quieter than usual. “Where is everyone?” you ask him.” They went to go visit mom’s best friend for a couple weeks, so it’s just you and me,” he says winking at you. You smile, “Oh okay, that means we can stay up as late as we want.” He grabs your waist and pulls you closer, “or go to bed early, if you know what I mean.” You laugh, “Zayn you dirty minded boy.” He smiles and kisses you, “well I have to go get in the shower real quick.” “Okay I’ll just watch TV and wait for you to get out,” you say. He walks to the bathroom, and you turn on the TV. You flip through the channels, but nothing’s on so you turn it off. You lie down and listen to him sing. He stops, and the water cuts off. The door opens and he walks in. “I forgot a towel,” he says walking to his closet. You stare at him shocked. “Babe can you come here a second/” he calls from his closet. You walk in and he’s standing there with a towel around his waist. He walks over and starts kissing you, pushing you against the wall. “How about we go do something our parent’s wouldn’t approve of,” he says kissing your neck. You nod, breathless, and he picks you up and carries you to his bed. He lays you down and slowly takes off your shirt. He starts kissing your stomach and chest. Your heart is pounding, “Zayn,” you sigh. He puts a finger on your lips. “I love you Mahra,” he groans. You grab his face and kiss him. He throws the towel on the floor, “this night is about to get very interesting.”