Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dirty Harry Imagine

#imagine You and Harry are laying on his couch watching TV. You look up and notice him staring at you, "What?" He smiles and motions to the TV, "We should try that." You look back and see two people kissing on the movie you're watching. You raise an eyebrow and move closer to him, He puts his hands on your hips as you start to make out. Each kiss gets deeper and deeper as you run your hands through his hair. He leans back a little and you follow while your lips stay in contact the whole time. His tongue plays rough with your as he moves his hands up your shirt to undo your bra. He rips off your shirt and pulls you bra off throwing them to the side. "My turn," you whisper in his ear. He shiver when your hands tickle his skin grabbng for his shirt. You throw it over with yours. Your naked chests touch as he starts to rub your back and kiss your neck. You can feel him growing against your thigh and you smile. You move your hand under his pants and start to play causing him to moan with pleasure. He wrops your legs around his waist and slowly stands up. You can feel his buldge against you as he walks toward his room. He throws you on his bed and straddles you, "You ready babe?" You nod and he starts kissing your chest and down your stomach. When he gets to the top of your pants he grabs the waist and slowly pull them off along with your underwear. You moan as his tongue goes deep inside you, which you can tell sets him off because he grabs your waist and gets deeper. He leans up and kisses your jaw while playing with your chest. "Fuck me please," you sigh in his ear. He looks up with a dirty grin on his face and spreads your legs. He slowly slides inside you and starts thrusting. Each thrust gets harder and faster. You can feel yourself getting close and with one last thrust you scream. He pulls out and drops next to you. You both lay there and catch your breath. He grabs your hand and looks over into your eyes, "I love you Sabrina." You smile, "I love you too Harry." He kisses you and you roll over and lay your head on his chest. The sound of his heart beating eventually makes you fall asleep.

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