Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dirty Zayn Imagine

#imagine You're staying with Zayn tonight because he just got back from a trip to America with the boys. You pull up and walk towards his apartment, but Niall stops you, "Hey Alice!" You walk over and hug him, "hey Nialler." He motions toward his apartment, "Zayn's in here." You nod and follow him. When you get inside Zaun jumps up and kisses you, "I've missed you so much." Lou look up into his beautiful brown eyes, "I missed you too babe. Niall walks in and hand you both a drink. You take it and smile, "So tell me about LA." Niall sits down in a chair, beside the couch you and Zayn are on, "It was fun. Filming the show was awesome, and we also met the guys of Big Time Rush." You look over at Zayn and he smiles,    "it's getting pretty late Niall, we're gonna go." Niall jumps up, "okay. Goodnight guys, see you tomorrow."
 When you get in Zayn's apartment you decide to get ready for bed while he takes a shower. You walk into his closet and start to look for the pants and shirt of his that you wear when you stay. You search everywhere, but can't find them. You run across an old jersey of his from highschool that says 'Malik' on the back, and put it on. It's like a gown on you so you don't bother finding pants. You walk out of his closet and sit down on his bed. He walks in with some sweats on, no shirt, and his hair still wet and sits down beside you. When he sees what you have on he smiles, "Hey I remember that thing." You smile and look down. He kisses you on the cheek, "I'm hungry." You jump up, "Me too. Wait here, I'll go fix us something." You walk into the kitchen and grab a pizza from the freezer.  When the oven heats up you slide it in carefully, cautious not to burn yourself. While you're bent over, you feel Zayn put his arms around your waist and stand up. He starts kissing your neck and you turn around. He smiles, "I really missed you babe." You smile, "I missed you too Zayn." He starts kissing you, "I," he kisses you, "can't," another kiss, "stand," kiss, "being," kiss, "away," again, "from," he licks your lips teasingly, "you." You shiver lightly and he grabs your face and kisses you again. Your tongues play and his hands move to your waist, pulling the jersey up a little. The kisses get deeper and deeper and he picks you up. He sits you on the kitchen table and leans in closer. You can feel him growing against you and you look up. You raise and eyebrow at him. He stares at you, "sorry." You move your hand down his pants and start to play, "why are you apologizing?" You move your hand up and down and he moans with pleasure. "Faster!" he demands and you listen. You feel his muscles start to tense up andstop He slides you closer to the edge of the table and pulls off your thong throwing it in the floor. He lifts up the jersey a bit and spreads your legs. He drops his pants and positions himself between your legs. Looking into your eyes, he slides himself into you. You squeal, forgetting how good he felt inside of you. He pulls you even closer to the edge and starts thrusting. He starts off slow, then picks up the pace. He moand and starts whispering profanities into your ear. You feel yourself getting colser as he gets faster, and lean back. He runs his hands up your stomach and lifts up your bra. He starts to play with your breasts, and with one last hard thrust you both scream with pleasure. He pulls out and leans over, laying his head on your chest. You both catch your breath and he sits up, "Do you smell something burning?" You look up, "SHIT! The pizza!" You run over and pull it out of the oven. It's very burnt, so you decide to get take out. While you wait for the food to get there you sit at the table. Zayn looks over at the place where you sust had sex and his mouth drops. You look at him confused, "What?" He points, "Alice do you see that?" You look over and find a crack in the table that wasn't there before. He winks at you, "guess we'll have to go shopping for a stronger table tomorrow."


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